While investigating an OpenVZ server at our Los Angeles data center, which we had received reports of speed issues, the server transitioned into read only mode, and the raid device became unresponsive. As a result, we have begun running diagnostics on the server in an attempt to repair the raid, and transfer all vps containers to a new server that we have setup as a replacement.

Presently, we are running verification on the drives to bring the raid back online. Once back online, we will perform a mass migration, and the install the server back in the datacenter and bring the server back online.

ETA for the new server is presently set for Monday (5/27) or Tuesday (5/28)

If you need your service immediately, please open a ticket and request us to migrate it from our testing lab to an active service, and we will attempt to migrate your service as possible.

Monday, May 27, 2019

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