Upcoming Dallas Mumble server maintenance

On Wednesday, September 29, 1AM CDT we'll be doing maintenance. It will require a full reboot and about 5-60 minutes of downtime. This only affects Dallas mubmle servers.

27th Sep 2016
Upcoming Game and Mumble server maintenance [RESOLVED]

On Thursday, September 8, between 12:30AM and 4AM (local time) we'll be doing maintenance upgrades because of an important vulnerability. It will require a full reboot and about 30-60 minutes of downtime. This affects selected game servers and mumble servers.

7th Sep 2016
OpenVZ Los Angeles VPS [RESOLVED]

We are investing an issue causing VPS to not respond in our LA location.

Update: This was related to a power failure where our LA node is colocated.

7th Sep 2016

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