All Chicago TCAdmin Mumble Services Being Moved to Atlanta

Due to continual issues with Mumble Services in Chicago resulting in downtime, we have decided to temporarily move all Mumbles services out of Chicago and over to our Dedicated servers in Atlanta, which should result in more uptime, and less issues.

Once our new dedicated servers are deployed in Atlanta, we will be moving those services back.

22nd Jan 2019
Chicago Mumble Server is being replaced due to additional server requirements

Over the past month, we have received random reports in regards to the quality of service with our Dedicated Chicago Mumble Server. As a result, as have decided to deploy a new server with new resources, and have begun the process of migrating all active Mumble Services in the Chicago location to this new server to increase their performance. We ... Read More »

15th Dec 2018
Issues with New York Mumble Servers

We have discovered a hardware issue with the service with our New York Mumble Service. As a result, we will temp move all of the services to another location, rebuild the server, and move all the clients back once resolved. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause youUpdate... 10/20/2018The new server has been deployed, and all clients ... Read More »

19th Oct 2018
Chicago OpenVZ servers downtime

We are currently experiencing issues with our OpenVZ servers in the Chicago location. This is an unintended outage, and we are working with the NOC to resolve the issue. If you have any questions or concerns, please open a ticket and we will respond with details in kind. As it currently stands, we have limited access to the server, so the issue ... Read More »

27th Sep 2018
Emergency Maintenance in Los Angeles Data Center

One of our racks in the Los Angeles Data Center requires immediate maintenance to replace a PDU. As such, a few servers will be shut down and placed onto a new PDU.

This is prevantative maintanence, and this maintenance window is planned between 9pm and 12am PST on May 31st, 2018.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

1st Jun 2018
Upcoming Dallas Mumble server maintenance

On Wednesday, September 29, 1AM CDT we'll be doing maintenance. It will require a full reboot and about 5-60 minutes of downtime. This only affects Dallas mubmle servers.

27th Sep 2016
Upcoming Game and Mumble server maintenance [RESOLVED]

On Thursday, September 8, between 12:30AM and 4AM (local time) we'll be doing maintenance upgrades because of an important vulnerability. It will require a full reboot and about 30-60 minutes of downtime. This affects selected game servers and mumble servers.

7th Sep 2016
OpenVZ Los Angeles VPS [RESOLVED]

We are investing an issue causing VPS to not respond in our LA location.

Update: This was related to a power failure where our LA node is colocated.

7th Sep 2016
Dallas Mumble DDoS [RESOLVED]

We are investigating a large DDoS attack against Dallas mumble servers.

Update: Dallas mumble servers are back online.

16th Mar 2016
Chicago Game Server Crash [RESOLVED]

One of our game server machines in Chicago has crashed. We're looking into the issue at the moment.

Update: Chicago game servers are now online.

26th Jan 2015

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